The Police Assessment Center: Important Keys for Success

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The Police Assessment Center: Important Keys for Success
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In The Police Assessment Center: Important Keys for Success, a retired police captain provides practical tips and important concepts so candidates up for promotion can receive better scores on their assessments. Barry Malkin has personally conducted over seventy assessment center feedback, coaching, and teaching sessions with candidates who have competed in the promotional process for sergeant, lieutenant, and captain. He shares his successful training style along with a descriptive background of the Assessment Center; the training and selection process of the Assessors; and the critical concepts for success during the process. Candidates will learn specifically: • How Assessors calculate candidate ratings • Why extra points make such a difference • How scenarios are prepared • Why issues, actions, and follow-up actions are so important Malkin's easy-to-apply tips effectively guide candidates through a process that can often be intimidating and nerve-wracking, ultimately providing insight and a clear understanding into how candidates can make a positive impact on their entire police career.
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