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The 2018 Fast Pass to Promotion $1,750.00
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This program is designed only for the serious studier who wants to top the exam. Justin will guide you weekly, create a study plan, coach you along the way and periodically quiz you to ensure you are on track for success right up until the day of exam. The program begins March 24, 2018 but there are catch up weeks provided to you can jump in late and catch up if needed. You will be assigned a study plan and you will be guided weekly via email to ensure that you remain on course, you will also receive weekly quizzes to ensure that you remain on track right up until the day of the exam! You will need to have the textbooks on the reading list, and the 2018 Hanrahan Consulting's Police Officer's Law manual. It is also strongly recommended that you purchase the Kitchen Sink package in order to get the most benefit from this program. You also must have regular email access. This program is non-transferrable and non-refundable. This program is for those taking the October 2018 promotional exam. No cancellations for any reason, including cancellation of the exam, the end of the World or any other reason.
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