The 2018 Kitchen Sink

The 2018 Kitchen Sink
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The secret is out! Ever wonder how those other guys scored so high? Make this your year. THE KITCHEN SINK IS BIGGER AND BETTER THAN EVER!! FULLY UPDATED. Covering the newest areas. All 5 sets of flash cards (Law cards, Supervision of Police Personnel, Criminal Investigation, Community Policing and Police Administration), 5 study guides, 11 audio CD's (includes NEW LAW CD) and a take-home practice exam all for one low price. Plus $50 off a 2018 Hanrahan Consulting,LLC Textbook Seminar. Worth over $600!!! Save more than $200! IMPORTANT: All sales are final. No returns or exchanges for any reason including cancellation or postponement of the exam or even the apocolypes. Based on the 2017 reading list with the latest updates and information. The updated materials will ship in January. Not designed to replace reading the actual reading list material but merely to help you learn the material quicker and with more accuracy. Based on commonly tested areas of the promotional exam. Some materials are being updated and will ship separately when ready. * Does not include seminars. *Actual text books sold separately
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