Assessment Center One on One Tutoring

Assessment Center One on One Tutoring
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Take your Assessment Center preparation to the next level with intensive, one-on-one tutoring. Individual sessions include actual Assessment Center exercises administered under near-exam conditions. Practice the abilities and competencies you need to excel in your Assessment Center exam, hone your skills and focus on your problem areas, and become more familiar with the Assessment Center exam format. Each 2 hour session is personalized to your needs and the Assessment Center exam you are preparing for, and includes: up to four oral exercises, OR three written exercises for your performance; direct feedback and assessment, which may include scoring on competencies, feedback on areas of strength/weakness, and/or scanned edits (grammar, style/clarity, spelling, etc.) on written exercises. After you register you will be contacted by email to determine your specific needs and to schedule your individual session. Payment plans available - call (978) 692-2604 Instructor: Loren Fitzgibbons About the instructor: Loren Fitzgibbons is a specialist in testing for entry level and promotional titles. Loren was employed in the state’s Civil Service Unit for many years, in both the Test Development and Test Administration teams. Loren participated in and/or supervised testing for mainly Public Safety positions, including all Police ranks, all Fire ranks, Environmental Police ranks, Parole Officer ranks, Correction Officer ranks, and others. In her role at Civil Service, Loren was a key factor in the Education and Experience (E/E) exam component, the transition to the online processing system NeoGov/MACS in 2012, all online testing programs, and all oral/Assessment Center testing programs. Public Safety testing is a passion of Loren’s, especially Assessment Center exams and other alternate methods of testing. In her role at Civil Service, Loren reviewed and approved approximately 150 Assessment Center exams that were developed and administered by multiple external vendors, and also led the internal development and administration of the Regional Assessment Center Initiative (RACI). Loren has earned her Master’s Degree from Emerson College, and her Bachelor’s Degree from Clark University.
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